Dog Park Tips

March 22, 2014

Jack Russel in the park
It’s finally starting to warm up out there! If you are considering taking your dog to an off leash dog park here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Teach your dog to respond to training cues, such as come, prior to going to the park.
  • Give your dog your full attention to provide your dog with proper supervision during play time, no cell phones please.
  • Supervise your dog to make sure play is not getting to rough, interrupt if needed.
  • Consult with your vet. Is your dog healthy enough to visit a dog park? Is he up to date on vaccinations?
  • Be willing to leave the park if your dog is getting bullied, if play is too rough, or your dog is not enjoying play time.
  • Most importantly will your dog enjoy the off leash park? Not all dogs like the atmosphere of an off leash dog park.
  • Please call (630/272-7474) if you have questions or concerns about your dog in an off leash dog park environment. A private lesson at the dog park could be scheduled to help with questions and concerns.