1. Halloween Dog Costume Tips

    October 28, 2014

    Halloween is approaching fast. If you are still choosing a costume for your superhero this year keep him safe by choosing one that your dog is going to be comfortable wearing. Get your dog use to the costume prior to the big day. Have your dog wear it for short periods during the day while […]

  2. Water Fountain

    July 18, 2014

    Many dogs and cats love to drink running water from kitchen sinks or bathtub faucets. The movement and sound of the water gets their interest. Consider trying a pet fountain for their water bowl.

  3. Summer Pools and Dogs

    June 09, 2014

    Please use caution with kids and dogs around pools. Remember that not all dogs are efficient swimmers. Use fences and locked gates to help protect them from going near the pool unsupervised. Teach dogs where the exit is and how to use the stairs or ladder. If you have a dog that does not swim […]

  4. Visit Fullersburg Woods for a Hike in the Woods

    May 30, 2014

    The warm weather is finally here! Lets hope it stays long enough for us to enjoy it. If you are looking for a hiking spot to visit with your dogs try Fullersburg Woods. Fullersburg is part of the DuPage County Forest Preserve and is located… in Oak Brook off Spring Road (Near 31st Street and […]

  5. Resources for Kids Learning about Dogs

    May 09, 2014

    In honor of Be Kind To Animals Week I thought I would share some of my favorite resources for dog education. Educate kids about dogs and the importance of safety. Include lesson plans about animals at home and in the classroom. Teach kids about: what it takes to care for animals, how to greet a […]

  6. Pet ID Week

    April 28, 2014

    Celebrate National Pet ID Week by increasing the odds of being reunited with your pet by taking every precaution. Collars and tags are a reliable way to identify your pet should he become lost. The tag could include information such as: Pet’s name, your family’s name and address, Telephone numbers, Any medical problem requiring medication […]

  7. Chase Away K9 Cancer

    April 21, 2014

    Chase Away K9 Cancer a division of the National Canine Cancer Foundation recommends taking a few minutes on the 14th of each month to Do a Check to Chase Away K9 Cancer. Early detection may affect prognosis and treatment! Check your dog and follow up with your vet if you find anything abnormal. For more […]